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For many centuries — when somebody mentioned art, a painting on canvas would automatically come to mind. Paint, paint brushes, paper, and canvas were the main tools and vocabulary for creating and consuming art. While pre-historic and ancient art often used a wider variety of “rough” materials, classic art was often more about refinement. And such refinement even spilled over into much of twentieth-century art. 


Content was similarly refined, with portraits, landscapes, still lifes, and nudes being the prevalent subject matter. These overwhelming thematic trends can even be seen in the art of disruptive artists like Picasso. 


Today, however, there are few limits to the materials within an artist’s arsenal. In fact, materials dispensable for art are nearly infinite. Similarly, artists feel free to tackle any subject matter - however controversial, psychedelic, or sharp. 


Manifest Destiny Art's Exhibition "Rough Matter" explores and celebrates the revolution in art materials and art subject matter. Rough Matter showcases artists who challenge themselves and the observer through materials, textures, and topics that may not be considered classically refined, but which are able to engage and entertain through immense beauty, keen intelligence, and riveting technique. 


Like a 7 o’clock shadow, Rough Matter presents a more prickly and risqué approach to art creation.


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