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Manifest Destiny is excited to announce the culmination of the 1-month residency of Yelena Lezhen at its art space, along with an exhibition and a WORLD PREMIER of her new 8 METER (25 feet) LONG work of art.


Coming off a world tour with over 15 shows in the past year, including shows at exclusive galleries in NYC’s meatpacking district and SOHO, the Amsterdam International Art Fair, Museum of Russian Art, and some high profile residencies, Yelena Lezhen is being recognized as a leading contemporary artist.  

With a style that bridges abstract, modernist and classical techniques and themes that reflect fantastical and political topics, Yelena Lezhen finds fun, beauty, heartbreak and deep insights in the random nature represented on her canvases.


Yelena captures real worlds and netherworlds as they are refracted through her mind:
thoughts, memories, dreams, the beauty and ugliness, high and low motivations, dirty politics and wonderful tales and dreams. They are stories that sometimes slowly or sometimes fast unfold on her canvases. Yelena's art is phantasmagoric in a way that today's news reports can reflect our nightmares – or how stories of real-world heroes echo the exploits of Greek gods.

A passing glance is usually not enough. One needs to stop for a while, to observe closely, and to get out of the closed room of one’s perception, and try to open the door leading to understanding.


You may like it or not - her peculiar art world, which makes familiar strange,
makes the past the future, and makes the viewer witness love, dreams, childhood fantasies as well as subconscious phobias, and social threats.


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