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Manifest Destiny Art brings global art to Barcelona and suffuses it with experiential life.


At its stunning, newly renovated and designed 300 m2 and 6-meter tall space in the heart of Barcelona's Art and Design district, Manifest Destiny brings together generations of artists and art lovers, and engages them to make art part of their daily life.

Art has always grappled with the masking and unmasking of the truth — figuratively and otherwise. It is through this interplay and testing that we can occasionally touch a sublime truth that reminds us of humanity’s worthiness.


It is art that — when all else fails — has the ability to make the real relevant. Manifest Destiny Art is devoted to shining a light on the work of today’s contemporary artists.

The Manifest Destiny Art Logo

The Manifest Destiny Heart is made up of a stake and a brushstroke.

The heart is the love of the art that drives you to keep creating.  

The stake is symbolic of digging in and making your art.  

Manifest Destiny Art - Manifesto Destino - The Manifest of Destiny - The Manifest of Art - The Destiny of the Artist - The Destiny of the Manifest - The Destiny of Art - The Art of Manifesting -The Art of Destiny

"It's Hard To Be An Artist"

When people tell you “it’s hard to be an artist” - put that stake (figuratively or literally) in the ground and:

- Make that painting

- Throw that ceramic pot

- Design that bed that can be put together without screws

- Stitch that dress

- Experiment with flavors in that cocktail

- Shoot that movie

- Write that poem/screenplay/book

- Weld that metal

- Photograph this AND that

- Hammer that nail

- Record that album

- Sing that song

- Design that t-shirt

- Make that bag

- Hunt for the perfect container for your Ikebana arrangement

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