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NOSTY NOSTALGIA (THE NOSTY) is art for our generation. In a time of great historical transition – cultural, technological, economical – it channels our feeling of loss while reminding us that what was lost was no paradise.



- The large-format paintings of artist 3S where he plays with the juxtaposition of text & imagery new & old.

- The lightbox art of Pia Kintrup where the x-ray of forgotten objects examines life.

- A capsule life of  "an easier time".

NOSTALGIA is a digital installation that is a part of the larger exhibition, THE NOSTY, that took place in Barcelona on May 4 & 5, 2019.

See the work of:

Gwendolyn Audrey Foster

Daniel Jenatsch

Sally Larson

Gordon Loveland

Eugene Rodriguez

Naraphat Sakarthornsap

Sasha Waters Freyer



Nostalgia - Manifest Destiny Art - Gwend

Manifest Destiny is excited to announce the international Group Show: NOSTY NOSTALGIA (THE NOSTY).

This special exhibition had its vernissage on May 4, 2019 12h-23h.

Exhibition Hours

May 4, 2019 12h - 23h

May 5, 2019 1h - 19h


Do you find yourself wishing to return to a time that never was?


Democracy is under attack – in Europe, the Americas and Asia. Anti-hate liberalism has been straying into fascism, while fascism has been fueling alt-right hate.


Sometimes – all we want to do is turn back the clock.


But turn it back to what?! To a divided Europe? To imperialist largess? To pre-civil rights injustices?


Somewhere between the romantic nostalgia for our past and the brutal realities of history lies our lake of misplaced yearning. It is in this same place that lessons on humanity, its nature and the fruit it bears (or destroys) can be found. It's the place where beauty and ugliness coexist in a perverse harmony. It's a place that only art can explore and reflect on.

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